Holstein Calves Liver

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: 3 Days

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

A British favourite, Calves Liver promises discerning cooking, and makes for rich and unctuous cooking. Traditionally fried with onions as a delicacy, the Calves Liver is part of our commitment to offer cuts that have fallen out of the popular imagination, while its prized flavour and character reflect the premium nature of this prime milk fed English veal.

Probably the most prized offal cut of any animal, the veal liver is cut out, and dispatched fresh ready for cooking. The fantastic quality of this liver is immediately recognizable from the deep colour of the meat. Always in demand from chefs, our Calves Liver is dispatched fresh to order for the home cook, which ensures the best flavour and quality.

Simple to cook, calves liver is best left a little pink, and fried in a very hot pan for two to three minutes each side. Traditionally it's fried and served with onions, though it also works well served with creamy mash, crisp bacon, and fried sage leaves for a discerning and luxurious mid week meal.

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