Spatchcock Chicken


Farm: Stanforth

Shelf Life: 3 Days

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Serves: 4 1 X 1Kg (2.2lb) £7.95
/ £7.95 each
Can Be Frozen BBQ Great Britain

Chicken as it should be: Plump, succulent, and with proper flavour owing to its rich diet, and in this case spatchcocked. Perfect for roasting whole as a Sunday lunch, or marinating and popping under the grill or on the barbecue, a Spatchcock Chicken is a great alternative to a traditional whole chicken, with plenty of flavour.

A traditional butchery method, spatchcocking - or butterflying - involves the skillful removal of the chicken's backbone to flatten the bird. This makes for shorter cooking times, and more surface to season making the Spatchcock Chicken a favourite with chefs.

A Spatchcocked chicken is ideal for marinating or rubbing with spices as there's more surface area to infuse the meat with flavour. Serve as part of a mixed grill, along with salad and breads, or alternatively slow roast and serve with home made chips and a fresh green salad with home made vinaigrette.

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