Herb-fed Free Range Chicken Legs

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Free Range Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Delivery Restrictions Great Britain
The brown meat of the Chicken Legs boasts incredible flavour, retaining well their succulence upon cooking, which makes them perfect for variety of dishes. The wholesome flavours reflect our traditional techniques of raising poultry, coupled with high welfare standards and rich diets so our birds plump up gradually in adequate living space.
Our chickens are sourced from traditional poultry farms, where the birds mature slowly at their own natural pace, to ensure the most succulent meat. The Chicken Legs are then expertly cut by hand from the bird to yield a neat joint for the best flavour and succulence. An affordable favourite offering characteristic brown chicken meat.
The rich brown leg meat is an affordable favourite, and ideal for flavoursome dishes. Try roasting them with lemon halves and rosemary, deglazing the roasting juices with white wine, vermouth or lemon juice at the last minute. Alternatively, braise them slowly with tomatoes and wine then add a few chopped olives.
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