Pork T Bone Steak

Lean Yet Rich for Big Feasts

Ideal for big appetites, the Pork T Bone Steak offers lean character, but with fat cover and rich, juicy flavours from both the fillet and the loin. As such, they’re ideal for tasty mid week meals, or Saturday night treats, with the pork showcasing the quality of our outdoor reared hogs, allowed to mature at their own pace on hearty diets, and sourced exclusively from small, traditional pig farms.

Another pork steak with its name borrowed from beef butchery, the Pork T Bone is similarly meaty, consisting of both pork loin and the prized fillet. Despite this, they're a good value cut, combining quantity with quality. The key for the butcher is to carefully cut out the meat to ensure a neat steak with the characteristic T Bone left in for the flavour and yielding ample meat.

A great value steak, perfect for big eats or mid week meals, with the distinctive bone promising both deep flavour and succulent lean pork. For the best results, fry or griddle on a high heat for eight minutes one side, and six minutes the other, before serving with rich gratin dauphinoise and baked apples to complement the meat.

Our recipe tips for cooking your pork t bone steak

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Breed Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Gloucestershire Old Spot 4 4 X 330g (11.6oz) Birchfield Farm
North Yorkshire
/ £2.49 each
Yorkshire Pig 4 4 X 330g (11.6oz) Farmison & Co Trusted Farm
North Yorkshire
/ £2.49 each

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