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14 Days Dry-Aged Saddleback Trimmed Rack of Pork Loin

Region: North York Moors National Park, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 5 Days

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Serves: 6 1 X 2.2Kg (4.9lb) £19.95
/ £19.95 each
Outdoor Reared Free Range Can Be Frozen Rare Breed
Expertly cut from the loin, the dry aging process concentrates the rich intrinsic flavour of the meat, and slow roasted makes for a spectacular and succulent roast, ideal for easy carving into neat portions. Our native breed pork promises outstanding succulence and flavour by virtue of a rich diet and being allowed to mature at their own pace.

The Saddleback is ideal as an introduction to the quality of heritage breed pork. They are hardy fellows being good foragers amongst rough grazing, though they take much longer to mature than commercial breeds. This means well developed flavour and creamy character, and the meat is often almost nutty in character. We try and stock the Saddleback as often as possible, with it being a great all rounder, proving bacon, steaks and chops, and wonderful roasting joints.

Tasting Notes: Meaty, Nutty, Evolving

A roasting joint recently in fashion, the intact rack is an eye catching specimen on the butcher's block, and even more so as a celebration roast. This is sourced from a supply of free range pork, to ensure ample fat covering and deep colour and character. This is added to upon dry aging, which concentrates the flavours and imbues the meat with further character.

Roasting on the bone ensures fantastic flavouring and moist, succulent meat that yields neat portions of delicious pork. As an alternative to more traditional roasts, try served with a cauliflower cheese to pair with the pork flavour, alongside crusty bread and a classic mustard sauce.
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