Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 4 1 X 750g (1.7lb) £12.00
/ £12.00 each
Serves: 6 1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb) £19.75
/ £19.75 each
Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Great Britain Native Breed

Burnt Ends are considered a true BBQ delicacy. Traditionally taken from the point end of a Brisket which is a fattier cut, these Pork Burnt Ends mimic the structure of this muscle & so lend themselves perfectly to extra cooking to allow the fat & collagen to render down creating a deliciously sticky, caramelised, charred meat. Pre-seasoned using our own homemade blend of spices & sugars & ready to go straight on the BBQ.

The Yorkshire Pig is the world’s most popular breed. They’ve been exported to all corners of the globe due to their ability to get big quick, and provide consistent pork with strong, porky flavour. When sourcing our Yorkshires, we source hogs who are reared to maturity at a slow pace, in the great outdoors. This ensures the melting succulence when cooked, and the beautiful creamy character.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Succulent, Creamy