Handmade English Haggis

Farm: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: 3 Days

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Free Range Grass Fed Previously Frozen Great Britain Native Breed
The national dish of Scotland, but in this case, hand made in Lancashire with English mutton. Prepared in the traditional fashion, our English Haggis boasts the characteristic nutty texture and deep, savoury flavour that makes it popular the world over. As such this delicacy is ideal for hearty and warming meals year round and not just for Burns Night.


The Swaledale is the sheep of the Dales. They adorn the signs for the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and can be seen themselves wandering the wild stretches between the valleys in search of foraging. Ours mature slowly, at their own pace, on the heather that grows on the tops. This gives the meat a sweet as well as robust and almost herbal flavour, with the Swaledale providing some of Yorkshire’s most renowned lamb and mutton.

Tasting Notes: Robust, Complete, Herbal

A contested dish, with some claiming it was invented south of the border but undoubtedly Scotland's signature dish. Each Haggis maker often has their own tricks for the best blend of mutton, onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt. We're no different, with our Haggis handmade to a traditional recipe that promises the perfect balance of ingredients to bring out the flavour of the natural mutton.
A classic of Scottish and British cuisine, haggis is enjoying something of a revival in restaurants up and down the country. This English haggis would give any good Scottish haggis a run for its money in taste and craft. Serve traditionally with neeps and tatties, or else alongside grilled leeks and a fried duck egg for a fine meal.
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