7 Day Dry-Aged Devon And Cornwall Longwool Lamb Breast

Region: County Durham, UK

Shelf Life: 6 Days

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Serves: 2 1 X 750g (1.7lb) £4.95
/ £4.95 each
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Great Britain Native Breed Rare Breed
Rolled lamb breast is very flavoursome, with the ample marbling making it a superb slow cook cut, and an old fashioned favourite. Ours are characterized by the quality of the grazing of our flocks, with subtle differences in the diet of the lamb changing the taste of the meat, depending on geographic location. This makes for superb cooking, and a year round favourite.

The Devon and Cornwall Longwool is a hardy breed able to cope with most conditions and do well on most grazing. They're known for their massive fleeces and it is often said that they produce more wool per sheep than any other British breed. It is a very traditional West Country sheep and they're easy grazers, they thrive on grass and roots, and produce a fantastic meat that tastes like lamb used to taste. They are a lean breed with a little fat making the meat tender & tasty.

Personally I like to confit the lamb breast in a similar way to duck, then slicing and laying over a barbecue or griddle. To complement this, I would rustle up a classic salsa verde or a simple pea and mint soup.
An under-appreciated cut, which offers great value and makes for very tasty and rich cooking. The lamb breast can be used as a confit in a similar way to duck breast, with the lamb breast being sliced and laid over a barbecue or griddle and cooked fast. To complement this, try serving with a classic salsa verde or a simple pea and mint soup.
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