7 Day Dry-aged Heritage Breed Lamb Breast

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2
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Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Ready To Cook Delivery Restrictions Great Britain
Rolled lamb breast is very flavoursome, with the ample marbling making it a superb slow cook cut, and an old fashioned favourite. Ours are characterized by the quality of the grazing of our flocks, with subtle differences in the diet of the lamb changing the taste of the meat, depending on geographic location. This makes for superb cooking, and a year round favourite.
A forgotten cut, once again returning to British butcher's boards as chefs rediscover the qualities of our lamb. The Lamb Breast is particularly well marbled, with the meat providing ample fat cover, which is something butchers look for to know the meat is excellent as it gives tenderness and flavour in the kitchen. Once cut, the meat is trimmed and carefully rolled and tied by hand for a neat joint.

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An under-appreciated cut, which offers great value and makes for very tasty and rich cooking. The lamb breast can be used as a confit in a similar way to duck breast, with the lamb breast being sliced and laid over a barbecue or griddle and cooked fast. To complement this, try serving with a classic salsa verde or a simple pea and mint soup.
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