Half Leg Of Lamb

A neat Half Leg Of Lamb left on the bone

Please note that you will receive either a shank end or fillet end of the leg of lamb when you purchase half.

A British favourite, with an abundance of lean, succulent meat ideal for your Sunday or Celebration roast with all the trimmings and well suited to cooking with aromatic rosemary. Skillfully prepared by our Master Butcher and left on the bone for maximum flavour, the impressive sweet taste reflects the quality of the lush pastures where our flocks mature on diets of wild flowers, herbs and natural grasses.

Read our guide on how to cook this Lamb Leg here, or click below to download the PDF guide.

A staple of British butchery trade, essential to preparing a good lamb leg is ensuring the meat is of the highest quality. We source from farms that have been producing lamb in the Dales and Fells for generations, with proven consistency. That makes for the best meat, with ample fat cover but lean texture. This succulent half leg of lamb is carefully cut and trimmed by hand for a neat joint of flavoursome meat.

This neat half leg lamb leg is of the finest quality and as such is perfect for small gatherings, both Sunday lunches and special occasions, with a delicious helpings of rich, succulent meat on the bone for the best flavour. For the best finish, roast long and slow so the sweet meat can tenderise gradually and serve with traditional roast potatoes, homemade Yorkshire puddings, and fresh mint sauce.

For perfect cooking and measuring internal temperatures, we recommend a ‘Meater + Wireless Thermometer’. Available to buy here.

Our Recipe and Tips For Cooking Your Half Leg of Lamb

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Breed Serves Weight Region Price Quantity
Suffolk 6 1 X 1.6Kg (3.5lb) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £36.80
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Badger Face 6 1 X 1.6Kg (3.5lb) North Yorkshire Moors National Park, UK £36.80
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Masham 6 1 X 1.6Kg (3.5lb) Nidderdale - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, UK £36.80
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Jacob 6 1 X 1.6Kg (3.5lb) Yorkshire Dales National Park £36.80
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Please note on breeds

From time to time the exact breed or farm may not be available at the time of despatching your order.
On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.