Lamb Shank

The Traditional Classic Perfect for Slow Cooking

The lamb shanks are taken from both the front and back legs, and boast melting tenderness if cooked long and slow, with the meat falling away from the bone. Sourced exclusively from heritage breed flocks, and reared on lush pastures, the quality of these shanks reflects the rich diet of wild herbs, grasses, and flowers our sheep enjoy.

Lamb shanks are a staple of British butchery traditions, and remains an extremely popular slow cooking cut. The key is to deliver a neat cross section of bone with a generous portion of marrow, and ample meat attached to this, before trimming the bone for neatness. The shanks are a traditional favourite of butcher's, often reserved in generations passed for the butcher's own pot.

A cut increasingly appearing on restaurant menus as the delicious qualities of the Lamb Shanks become more recognised. These particular shanks reflect the outstanding quality of our naturally grazed flocks, and are perfect for slow cooking the year round. If braising, serve with mashed potatoes, shredded cabbage hearts, and redcurrant jelly.

Our Recipe & Tips for Cooking Lamb Shank

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