Ripon Cathedral Black Bacon Striploin Joint

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

Rubbed with treacle and cured with salt, this whole bacon joint is hung to intensify the flavour and to make sure the meat caramelises wonderfully when roasted. The result of the curing process is a black tint to the meat, with the sweet treacle complementing the rich taste of our pork. Sourced exclusively from outdoor reared hogs, the joint is ideal for special occasions and buffets.

This bacon joint is rubbed with treacle to give the characteristic black finish to the meat, then rubbed with salt. This naturally concentrates the rich flavours as the meat matures in the drying room, before being dispatched ready for roasting. This is artisan butchery at its best, drawing upon British traditions of pork butchery and the input of our Development Chef to create new and exciting meat cuts.

These artisan cured joints are usually exclusively reserved for the restaurant trade and a joy to experience at home. For best results, the joint should be slow roasted to caramelise the rich flavours, before serving with homemade chips, fried duck egg and grilled pineapple. A must for the meat connoisseur.

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