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Venison Haunch Steak

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Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

Cut from the haunch of the deer, our Haunch Steaks showcase the rich, gamey flavour and lean texture of our wild venison, making them perfect for special occasions and dinner parties. Sourced exclusively from wild deer, this cut reflects the quality of our wild venison, these steaks are ideal for marinating, and makes for hearty and wholesome dishes. NOTE: May Contain Shot

These generous steaks of venison haunch are cut from the rear of the animal, where the most meat is to be had. The meat here is typically lean and tender, and the haunch steaks are cut across the grain so that the dense lean tissue breaks down upon slow cooking to offer melting tenderness in the pot. Sourced from wild venison, availability depends on the quality of the venison brought to the block, and on the hunting season.
Perfect for seasonal treats or special occasions, the haunch steak is best served by frying on a high heat for four to five minutes for a medium rare finish. Serve alongside sautÉed potatoes, watercress salad, crab apple jelly, and a glass of red wine. A must for the connoisseur, with the robust character and the lean texture making it an ideal introduction to our wild game.
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