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Saddle Of Venison

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Comprised of two loins from either side of the wild deer, still joined and neatly rolled into an easy carve joint, this cut matches well with a port sauce, and is delicious served alongside red cabbage and roasted roots. With eye catching appearance for easy but spectacular entertaining, this lean red meat boasts deep, gamey flavour and makes for delectable seasonal dining. NOTE: May Contain Shot

The saddle is cut from the middle of the beast, from either side of the back bone. This yields some of the richest meat of the animal, and requires skill to cut neatly away from the bone, before trimming the meat, and neatly rolling for a spectacular easy carve roasting joint.
A roasting joint deserving of the top table and a seasonal special not to be missed. Slow roast on a trivet of onion, carrot, and celeriac, to give the venison aroma while be sure to deglaze the roasting tray with veal stock for a fragrant gravy. Serve with spiced red cabbage, dauphinoise potatoes, and watercress.
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