Minced Venison

Shelf Life: Min. 3 Days

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Serves: 4
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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Ideal for all manner of dishes, our Minced Venison boasts the standout flavour that sets our wild venison apart, with a very little fat to meat to give tenderness and real taste upon cooking. As such it’s a great introduction to just how great our wild venison actually is as a healthy alternative, promising real character and depth of flavour by virtue of the rich moorland hillsides graze upon.

The wild venison used in our Minced Venison is cut from the shoulder and neck of the animal. Wild meat is noticeably leaner than farmed deer. Mince is a staple of the butcher's trade, but this distinctive lean alternative can become the centre of many mid week meal. Perfect for freezing down as we always supply fresh to your door.

Rich in flavour and lean in nature, our Wild Minced Venison is a great alternative to the more traditional mince you may opt for. It cooks so well in a classic ragu, lean burgers and meatballs for that matter. Also we recommend you use it as a filling across a variety of pies.

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