Brace Of Dales Pheasant

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Introduced by landowners for country shooting, Pheasant is a relatively new addition to what can be considered the English menu, boasting robust flavour. The complex taste owes to its natural wild diet of berries, acorns, and buds. To bring out the robust and indulgent taste, roast whole wrapped in our Nidderdale bacon for an Autumnal treat. NOTE: May Contain Shot

These birds are sourced primarily from the Yorkshire valleys of Wharfedale, Nidderdale and Wensleydale. Game was once a key part of the butcher’s business with pheasant in abundance from country shoots. These birds are carefully defeathered and the innards removed before being delivered fresh to your door. Please note: Whilst care is taken to remove shot, occasionally it can be missed, so please check your bird and remove any pellets before cooking.

Leaner than chicken but with much fuller flavour, take care to keep the pheasant breast moist by wrapping in fatty bacon, or by massaging with butter before cooking, if roasting whole. The whole brace can also be casseroled in cider with apples and then thickened up with creme fraiche for a deeply flavoursome autumnal slow cook. All our game birds are wild and may contain pellets.

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