Chef Prepared

Welcome to our Chef Prepared range, designed to give you a quick and convenient way to enjoy our award-winning meat in pre-prepared dishes, ready for the oven. Our Executive Development Chef, Jeff Baker, trained under some of the country’s leading chefs and aged just 26 earned the city of Leeds its first Michelin star. Now he’s developed this range of stuffed joints, infused cuts and oven-ready dishes, all based on his special recipes carefully developed to enhance the natural flavour of our meat and save you time in the kitchen. Everything in our Chef Prepared range is exclusive to Farmison & Co. Dine on something different and shop our selection for the exciting flavours waiting to be explored.

Heritage Veal & Pork Meatloaf

A Chef Prepared Meat Loaf of English Veal & Prime Pork

800g (1.8lb)


Chef Prepared

Cairngorms Venison Kofta With North African Spices

12 X 50g (1.8oz)


Out of Stock

Out Of Stock

Mediterranean Style Lamb Meatballs

12 X 30g (1.1oz)


Chef Prepared

Nidderdale Chicken Kiev

2 X 220g (7.8oz)


Chef Prepared

Marinated Lamb Riblets

1 X 350g (12.3oz)


Chef Prepared

Hand Pressed Steak & Bone Marrow Burgers


Award Winning Heritage Breed Beef Steak Burger Enriched With Bone Marrow

4 X 175g (6.2oz)


Award Winning