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Japanese Wagyu Beef Burger

Guest Breed

Shelf Life: Min. 3 Days

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Serves: 2 2 X 150g (5.3oz) £9.71 / £4.86 Each
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Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Ready To Eat Chef Prepared Japan

Literally translating as ‘Japanese beef’, Wagyu denotes meat from four highly prized cattle breeds and is thought to originate from native cattle from the British Isles.

This limited edition authentic Japanese Wagyu Blended Burger definitely falls into the ‘awesome’ category, using our heavily marbled Wagyu beef that boasts creamy, nutty fat and blended with our heritage steak, this makes for a truly special guest blended burger. Our Wagyu steak is certified Grade A4 (from the Gunma and Kagoshima prefectures) according to the Japanese Meat Grading Association’s 1-5 system, with A4 denoting outstanding quality.