32 Days Dry-Aged Sirloin Pave Steak

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

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Serves: 2 2 X 180g (6.3oz) £19.50
/ £9.75 each
Great Britain

These beautifully thick steaks certainly live up to their reputation as a substantial juicy cut, boasting all the tenderness and flavour of the sirloin, with pavé meaning brick or paving stone in French. With rich seams of marbling running through the beef, which melts upon cooking, ensuring full bodied flavour. A must for steak lovers.

Cut in the same way as a rump pavé, in the European style, this sirloin steak offers a thick cut with the generous marbling of the sirloin running through the dry aged meat. As with all our prime beef, these steaks have been aged for 32 days to concentrate the flavour, and relax the grain to utter tenderness.

These continental style steaks are a favourite of chefs, especially in the bistro range, with the rich flavour of the meat attracting many steak connoisseurs. Its deliberate thick cut makes the Sirloin Pave a real steak night treat, being particularly juicy. Serve with triple cooked chips, grilled tomatoes and a béarnaise sauce.

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