32 Days Dry-Aged Aberdeen Angus Fillet Barrel Steak

Region: Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2 1 X 340g (12oz) £19.95
/ £19.95 each
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Suitable for BBQ Great Britain Native Breed

Matured in our Master Butcher’s reserve, this fillet barrel steak boasts the characteristic tender and lean meat which makes the fillet so popular in British and European cuisine. When matured for a longer period, the Fillet meat naturally dehydrates, leaving tenderised meat with concentrated beefy flavour.

Unparalleled in reputation, the Aberdeen Angus is Britain’s favourite breed, but is equally revered in the steak cutting traditions of Argentina, the United States, and South Africa. Its popularity is a direct consequence of the marbling that evenly runs through the meat to give the beef its renowned rich and indulgent flavour. Due to its quality and popularity, we hang prime Angus beef the year round, always sourced from grass fed, free range herds.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Creamy, Indulgent

An outstanding joint of prime grass fed beef, the Fillet Barrel Steak is one piece of pure fillet. The underworked fillet muscle of the beast makes for the most tender beef, often reserved for prime steaks in restaurants. Our Fillet Barrel Steaks are further tenderised by the essential dry aging process, which enhances the natural quality of the beef, concentrating the flavour.

Ideal as a smaller romantic sharing steak, this is a luxury steak of prime grass fed beef, with depth of flavour and delicious succulence for the top table. This beef Fillet Barrel Steak is also well regarded as a perfect steak for sharing served with a classic potato gratin & a rich red wine sauce

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