32 Days Dry-Aged Aberdeen Angus Chateaubriand

Region: Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2 1 X 500g (1.1lb) £34.10
/ £34.10 each
Serves: 4 1 X 750g (1.7lb) £46.50
/ £46.50 each
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Great Britain Native Breed

The term chateaubriand originally described a French method of cooking, but it now widely recognised as the name for a tapered cut from the head of the fillet, it’s renowned as the jewel amongst prime cuts of beef. This restaurant favourite is very soft and tender, with an almost buttery texture and delicate flavour. Perfect as a sharing steak or a roasting joint for smaller tables, this is an ideal cut for celebrations all year round. Sourced from grass fed, heritage breeds reared naturally at their own pace, this is a stand-out chateaubriand.

Unparalleled in reputation, the Aberdeen Angus is Britain’s favourite breed, but is equally revered in the steak cutting traditions of Argentina, the United States, and South Africa. Its popularity is a direct consequence of the marbling that evenly runs through the meat to give the beef its renowned rich and indulgent flavour. Due to its quality and popularity, we hang prime Angus beef the year round, always sourced from grass fed, free range herds.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Creamy, Indulgent

The Chateaubriand is cut from the head of the fillet, a muscle that bears no weight. This means the meat is interlaced with fine marbling which lubricates the cut for tenderness, it can sometimes be difficult see with the naked eye, but easy to taste. Our chateaubriands are expertly dry-aged to naturally enhance the flavour and further tenderise the meat.

A real chef's cut, often found on the menus of the world's best restaurants, this is a prime cut of meltingly tender, top quality beef, enhanced by the dry aging process. The Chateaubriand is perfect as a sharing steak served with twice-cooked chips and a melted herb butter or a creamy mushroom sauce. Alternatively it’s ideal as a quick to cook roast for smaller tables, matching well with gratin dauphinoise, rich red wine sauce, and peppery grain mustard.

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