Jacobs Ladder

Marinade Ready Ribs Complete with Luscious Beef

Similar in appearance to Beef Short Ribs, Jacob’s Ladder boasts tender rib beef, and is typically meatier than their pork counterparts. As such they’re ideal for marinating and popping under the grill or on the barbecue. With deep flavour characteristic of our beef on the bone, the rich qualities of this beef reflects the grazing of our grass fed cattle on lush pastures in pristine countryside. Our Butcher's recommend you use these within 2 days of delivery or freeze them down to ensure they are kept to their prime.

Also known as Thin Ribs or Flanken, Jacob’s Ladder is cut from the front ribs of the chuck and plate of the beast to give a neat cross section of shortened ribs with plenty of meat attached. This is a traditional English cut, once forgotten but coming once again into fashion, with the prized rib meat ordinarily reserved for steaks with its rich seam of marbling providing good flavour.

This is a wonderful cut, on the bone for flavour, and a favourite of chefs for its versatile abilities, being at home in casseroles and slow cooks, as well as being well suited to marinating. If slow cooking lightly fry, before putting into a heavy casserole dish alongside a lightly fried mirepoix of onion, carrot, or celaraic and slow cook in red wine and beef stock.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Jacobs Ladder

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Breed Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Aberdeen Angus 4 1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb) Farmison & Co Trusted Farm
North Yorkshire
Galloway 4 1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb) The Nook
North Yorkshire

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