Slab Of Smoked Nidderdale Pancetta

Region: Farmison & Co North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: Min. 8 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Smoked Great Britain

Carefully smoked Pancetta to add panache to your pasta or risotto. Often referred to as ‘Italian Bacon,’ Pancetta is a true chef and home cook’s ingredient, ideal for bringing out flavours and enhancing dishes. This artisanal Smoked Pancetta is sourced from Yorkshire Large White pork, and smoked in the Yorkshire valley of Nidderdale to promise outstanding quality for use in your cooking.

Italian Pancetta is typically left unsmoked, with the curing process relied upon for adding flavours to the bacon. In this case, the smoking is the result of chef and butcher collaboration to determine the ideal level of smokiness so as not to over power but enhance the pancetta’s natural flavour and the cooking it’s used in. As such this is a real artisan slab bacon, made with the finest Yorkshire pork for real quality.

A real chef’s ingredient, packed with flavour, and ready for cutting into cubes to enhance your cooking at home. Try mixing into salads to add irresistible smokey flavour, adding in to risottos or pasta dishes, or else serve with waffles and maple syrup for a classic North American breakfast.

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