Ripon Cathedral Collar Bacon

Region: Farmison & Co North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: Min. 8 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Simply some of the most exquisite bacon we craft, this Collar Bacon has been expertly dry cured by our Master Butcher to concentrate the rich flavour of the pork, and promises superb eating quality. Sourced strictly from heritage breed hogs reared to maturity on hearty diets, this is how bacon should be, with standout taste, close texture, and ample marbling to offer the bacon full bodied character.

This unsmoked bacon is cured and left to air dry, with the flavours concentrating as moisture leaves the bacon. Taken from Yorkshire hogs, this bacon is cut from the shoulder to give the characteristic rashers of meat with a rind of fat to offer the flavour that makes this bacon so popular. Air dried in Nidderdale, this is wholesome natural bacon at its best.

Be sure to pat away any moisture before frying or griddling the Collar Bacon on a high heat before including into your dishes. This is bacon of the finest quality and really makes for the very Best Bacon Sandwich which you will have ever tasted.

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