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what is burns night?

Burns Night preparations are underway at Farmison & Co, promising the finest haggis, neeps and tatties for your Burns Night menu and celebrations. If you're a newbie to Burns Night, and wondering why we celebrate it, this is our definitive guide…

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what is haggis?

Haggis is traditionally served with tatties and neeps. For the non-Scots amongst us, "tatties" are mashed potatoes and "neeps" are mashed swede. To make things more confusing, swedes are known by many other names depending on where you are from. They are sometimes called yellow turnips and known as rutabaga in America. These mashed side dishes make a perfect bed for the haggis...

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Celebrate Burns Night 2023 Like a True Scotsman

Burns Night is a yearly event in which the Scots pay homage to Robert Burns, the Scottish poet. But this isn't to say everyone can not celebrate. If anything the more the merrier! With traditions dating back centuries, plan the perfect evening with loved ones and Eat Better Meat™ this winter. Whether you enjoy the warming taste of haggis or the succulent flavour of our grass fed beef. We are sure there is a dish for everyone.

Fresh & High Quality Products Delivered to Your Door

Delivered directly to your door, you can buy fresh meat with confidence from an award winning butchers. Having won the Online butchers Shop of the year award three times, we are proud to serve the highest quality meat available. To experience the taste for yourself, simply click the Burns Night items you want and we will deliver them to you across the UK. Everything is dispatched from our in-house Master Butchers, preserving the traceability and integrity of our meat. Always Eat Better Meat™ with Farmison & Co.

Burns Night Meat You Can Trace Back to the Source

Fresh meat for Burns Night is not the only thing we are offering this January. We are providing the opportunity for you to trace the product back to its source. Meat traceability and meat provenance is the concept of being able to trace an individual cut of meat from field to fork. We do not want to hide our supply chain, which is why our transparency is key. The ability to provide this information for our customers is just one of the ways you know you are receiving the highest quality meat on the market.