The Explore Fillet Beef Box

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

Image of a meatbox This Box Contains
1 X 550g (1.2lb) 32 Day Dry-aged Chateaubriand
2 X 200g (7.1oz) 32 Days Dry-Aged Fillet Tail
6 X 85g (3oz) 32 Days Dry-Aged Fillet Medallions
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

The most sought after cut in British butchery, prized for its tender quality, the fillet is the jewel in the crown. It’s easy to forget it offers so much more than just a standard steak. This box is ideal for adventurous cooks keen to explore the more unusual cuts, whilst enjoying the distinctive taste and exquisite tenderness expected of the fillet.

All the cuts are from grass fed, heritage breed herds ethically reared by Farmison & Co Trusted Farms. Perfectly portioned small rounds of pure fillet medallions are a great centre stage sautéed and accompanied by a range of sublime sauces. Fillet tails, naturally tapering steaks of prime lean beef, are ideal for chargrilling. The Chateaubriand, a pure fillet joint, is a real show stopper and perfect for experimenting with roasting recipes. Order today and enjoy exploring fillet beef with Farmison & Co.