The Fillet Steak Box

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

Image of a meatbox This Box Contains
2 X 200g (7.1oz) 32 Days Dry-Aged Fillet Steak
1 X 100g (3.5oz) Droitwich Droitwich Salt
Serves icon Serves 2
Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

The Nation's most sought after steak, this pair of prized Fillet Steaks bring you tender quality. Plenty of lean meat, these steaks are true showpieces, encapsulating our whole philosophy of eating better meat, making sure the beef herds live stress free lives on plenty of natural grazing, to dry aging and cutting the meat with expert skill. Combined with Droitwich salt, perfectly crafted for seasoning these fillets for extra finesse.

This is steak for the top table, rightly deserving its reputation, and with flavour and texture that only grass fed and properly dry aged beef can bring. Ideally fillet steak is served rare or medium rare for the best eating quality. Season with Droitwich Salt and serve with Gratin Dauphinoise, red wine sauce and watercress.