Ripon Cathedral 3 Month Cured Half Leg Of Pork

Shelf Life: 12 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Artisan charcuterie, quintessentially English, and perfect for a refined seasonal feast. This half leg of pork will be the talk of the table, being cured by our Master Butcher in two stages. That is, cured in local ale and dark muscavado sugar before being air dried for three months to concentrate and develop the ham's flavour. Expect ready to slice and succulent pork with wonderful depth of flavour.

This is a marvelous example of British charcuterie, combining heritage breed English pork with expert dry curing techniques. The curing process resembles that of a Parma ham, as does the end product, using a salt dry cure to concentrate the ham’s flavour, before leaving the ham to air dry to result in the characteristic texture.
This ham will be the talk of the table, plentiful and visually stunning. As such its perfect for parties, buffet spreads, or having on hand for the moment, heaven forbid, you need more food. Expect succulent eating quality, with delicious depth of flavour thanks to the expert curing process.
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