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From the farm

Our mission is to encourage the nation to Eat Better Meat. These are recipes & tips for you to try at home in your own kitchen. From Michelin Starred Chef Jeff Baker To Cook At Home From Farmison & Co - Voted Online Butcher Of The Year 2016. Enjoy!


Oct 25th 2018

Our Guide On How To Stuff Your Christmas Turkey

Our Michelin star chef Jeff has compiled this simple guide on how to perfect your stuffed festive turkey this season. “The stuffing can be flavoured with many flavours,…


Oct 24th 2018

The Butcher Is Back And Here To Stay

Farming and livestock writer Chris Berry, explores the fall and rise of the profession Trust isn’t given lightly. Respect has to be earned, and that’s where the high street or…


Oct 20th 2018

What Weight Of Roasting Joint Do I Need?

This is our guide to choosing the perfect sized joint for your Christmas table. Broken into easy to use sections, each chart highlights the differences between bone in…


Oct 5th 2018

How To Carve a Whole Roast Chicken

Carving a chicken is quite simple, here’s our guide with easy step-by-step instructions! A sharp carving knife & a meat fork is all that’s required. Once the chicken…


Sep 12th 2018

Capture the Spirit of the Highlands this Autumn

Farming and live stock writer Chris Berry, explores the heritage and growing popularity of wild venison. Wild venison is the ultimate heritage free-range meat delivering that rarely attained quartet…


Sep 2nd 2018

Introducing the Lean Meat Box For Flexitarians

To cater not only to devotees of delicious tasting meat who are chasing the flexitarian dream, but also to the fitness fans who are looking for low fat,…


Aug 30th 2018

HOW TO Cook the Perfect Sausage

The History of the Sausage We can trace the sausage all the way back to the Bronze age; originating from the middle East and a meat also popular…


Aug 24th 2018

Keeping up with the game

Chris Berry explores the gamekeepers’ world   The Glorious 12th or indeed the Glorious 13th this year due to the famous date having fallen on a Sunday signals…


Aug 22nd 2018

Heritage breeds have strong future in food chain

Chris Berry looks at the rise and rise of heritage meat Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is one of a plethora of celebrity names to champion locally produced and sourced…


Aug 7th 2018

How to Cook the Perfect Steak: Our Definitive Guide

History of the steak Choosing the right steak for you Pan sear versus Grilling over coals Cooking Methods – A simple explanation Which oil or fat is best,…


Jul 9th 2018

How to Roast Pork: Our Definitive Guide

  History of the Roast Choosing the right Joint for you Jeff’s preferred Roasting Joints How to make Perfect Crackling Knowing your temperatures Knowing when the pork is…


Jul 9th 2018

SLIDERS: Our Definitive Guide

WHAT IS A SLIDER? A Slider is a miniature Pattie, usually made from ground beef in the same style as hamburgers, however many versions are available at Farmison…