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Stuffed Boneless Turkey Crown With Chestnut, Plumped Fruit & Christmas Spice

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Can Be Frozen Ready To Cook Chef Prepared Great Britain

Developed by our in-house Michelin Star chef Jeff Baker and exclusive to Farmison & Co, our artisan Chef Prepared range combines the perfect flavour combinations with our heritage breed meat. Aromatic and based on a traditional recipe, chestnut, plumped fruit & Christmas spice is expertly packed into a boneless turkey crown and tied to allow the delicate flavours to infuse the meat as it cooks. The result is an easy-to-carve centrepiece bursting with flavour that any discerning cook would be proud to serve.

This product can only be delivered between 4th December 2018 and 22nd December 2018.

The turkey crown is carefully cut away from the bird, leaving the entirety of the whole breasts intact for roasting. This is then stuffed with our aromatic Plum and Caramelised Onion Stuffing on the butcher’s block. The birds mature at their own pace without artificial intervention for flavoursome and succulent meat.

The key to cooking turkey well and retaining the natural succulence, is roasting on a high temperature, before cooking long and low. You can find out more in our cooking tips, as well as advice on how to get the greatest gravy for Christmas. Good quality accompaniments will enhance the meal, visit the Pantry and stock up on bread sauce and a jar of cranberry sauce - perfect partners for turkey.

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