Classic Cooked Ham

Shelf Life: 5 Days

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Ready To Eat Great Britain

Dry-aged heritage breed ham, cooked in traditional fashion to yield deeply flavoursome slices of classic ham. Sourced from outdoor reared hogs allowed to mature at their own pace, the rich flavour and deep, porky taste reflects the hearty, natural diets of our pigs.

Our traditional hams have been cooked the same way since 1935. The pork used is hung for 14 days to concentrate its natural flavour, then slow cooked using a traditional boiler overnight, similar to modern water baths. The result is traditional English ham, with the flavour characteristic that only heritage breed English hogs can boast.

A fantastic ham showcasing the rich flavours of our heritage breed pork. Ideal as a centrepiece for special occasions, or cooking up and slicing for wholesome, porky sandwiches and serving with grain mustard. Alternatively our cooked ham is delicious flaked into generous pieces and served in wholesome pasta dishes.