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Heritage Breed Suckling Pig

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 5 Days

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Serves: 20 1 X 6.5Kg (14.3lb) £120.00
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Free Range Gluten Free Previously Frozen Great Britain

Our British Middle White Suckling pigs promise rich, creamy meat, and are very easy to cook. Once roasted and enjoyed you will understand why this product is one of our most-loved roasts. These suckling pigs are always kept with their mothers up to a maximum of 21 days, the method of farming which stays true to the traditional practices from which the name suckling pig was derived. Each pig comes with the quality seal that each whole suckling pig carries on their leg. These pigs are quite large and will require a large oven and roasting tray - approximate dimensions: length 600mm & diameter 300mm

THIS PRODUCT IS FROZEN AND WILL BEGIN TO DEFROST WHILST IN TRANSIT TO YOU. Please allow up to 48 hours for this product to defrost before cooking. Ensure this product is thoroughly defrosted before cooking. Once the product is thoroughly defrosted, cook within 3 days. This product must not be refrozen.

Suckling Pigs are a British favourite, and are ideal for large parties and celebrations. They are then carefully prepared, removing the offal, and delivered thawing from frozen to your door, ready for home roasting within 5 days of delivery.

Our Suckling Pigs can be up to 7.5kg and therefore require a large roasting try and oven. Follow our Chef Jeff's recipe and cooking tips to ensure you roast this hog to perfection.

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