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Traditional Pigs In Blankets

Shelf Life: Min. 3 Days

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Serves: 4 12 X 30g (1.1oz) £6.95
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Chef Prepared
Free Range Can Be Frozen Seasonal Ready To Cook Chef Prepared Great Britain

Pigs in Blankets are here to stay! Why only enjoy this treat at Christmas? We think these delicious little treats deserve a permanent place in our product range, so we're keeping them live...all. year. round. A real favourite, our pigs in blankets are made from succulent pork sausage and wrapped in a blanket of traditional streaky bacon. Sourced from British hogs for superb flavour, they make the perfect finishing touch to every roast.

Delivered to you fresh & suitable for freezing.

Our traditional pigs in blankets are a christmas must-have. The succulent pork in the sausage is flavoured with the perfect balance of traditional seasoning, then wrapped in its blanket of streaky bacon for a bite-sized accompaniment bursting with flavour.