Longhorn Hand Trimmed Whole Fillet Of Beef 32 Day Dry-aged Grass Fed

Farm: Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK

Shelf Life: 6 Days

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Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Delivery Restrictions Great Britain Native Breed

Expertly matured by our Master Butcher, this Longhorn heritage breed 32 days dry-aged whole fillet of beef is hand trimmed and boasts the characteristic tender and lean meat which makes the fillet so popular. Through dry-aging, this heritage breed meat loses moisture naturally, relaxing the grains into tenderness and intensifying its exquisite flavour, making for a marvellous celebration roast.

The Longhorn made British beef great, and its quality established our reputation as top cattle breeders with ranchers from Argentina to Australia. These easy going beasts take longer to mature than other breeds, which gives the beef both its rich seams of marbling and fine grain. This means both rich and juicy roasting joints, and neat steaks. Originally from Skipton in the southern Yorkshire Dales, they are still a regular sight on meadows across our county.

Tasting Notes: Buttery, Matured, Indulgent

An outstanding joint of prime grass fed beef, trimmed of all sinew by hand, this is one piece of pure fillet. The underworked fillet muscle of the beast makes for tender beef, often reserved for prime steaks in restaurants. Ours are further tenderised through our Master Butcher’s dry-aging expertise, before being hand cut specifically for your order and delivered fresh, direct to your door.

This is an impressive roast with depth of flavour and delicious succulence, perfectly suited to the top table. Often sliced into steaks by chefs, the hand trimmed whole fillet is well suited to slow roasting for the melting quality it's known for and serving alongside rich gratin dauphinoise, red wine sauce and peppery grain mustard.

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