A real Heritage Breed Success Story

Rare Breed

The Saddleback is ideal as an introduction to the quality of heritage breed pork. They are hardy fellows being good foragers amongst rough grazing, though they take much longer to mature than commercial breeds. This means well developed flavour and creamy character, and the meat is often almost nutty in character. We try and stock the Saddleback as often as possible, with it being a great all rounder, proving bacon, steaks and chops, and wonderful roasting joints.

Tasting Notes: Meaty, Nutty, Evolving

14 Days Dry-Aged Saddleback Pork Chop

2 X 300g (10.6oz)


7 Day Dry-aged Saddleback Boston Butt - Free Range

1 X 2.5Kg (5.5lb)


Limited Edition

7 Day Dry-Aged Saddleback Flat Pork Belly

1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb)


Limited Edition

7 Day Dry-Aged Saddleback Pork Leg Boned

1 X 1.25Kg (2.8lb)


Limited Edition