Breeds of Pork

The world’s most popular breeds of pork are British. Breeds like the Yorkshire or the Gloucestershire Old Spot are famous for their ability to produce creamy, delicious meat. As such we use exclusively native breeds, which boast the essential fat cover and rich succulence that other breeds cannot match. This strict attention to providence is coupled with our use of outdoor reared pork, for reasons of flavour as well as for ethical dining.


Rare Breed

Britain’s Oldest Pork Breed

A breed dating back to the 1600s originating from the county of Berkshire and prized for its superior flavoured & well marbled meat. This prized pig was sent to Japan in the mid 19th Century as a gift to the Kingdom of Ryukyu (now Okinawa) where it was revered for its tender, deep tasting meat & prized soft, silky white fat. Often referred to as the Wagyu equivalent of the Pork world, connoisseurs marvel in the ratio of fat to meat that produces clean, meltingly crispy fat & proper, old fashioned tasting Pork. Our Purebred 100% Berkshire Pork is fed & reared close to our heart in Yorkshire and is only available in limited quantities.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Intense, Unsurpassed

Gloucestershire Old Spot

Rare Breed

The West Country Porker

This Gloucestershire Old Spot is one of Britain’s most treasured heritage breeds. A West Country porker, this breed was traditionally fattened up on windfall from cider orchards giving the meat its sweet and creamy flavour and beautiful succulence. Very popular with chefs, its quality owes to the layer of fat on its meat which bastes the meat as it cooks, keeping the pork moist and tender with long in the mouth flavour.

Tasting Notes: Herbal, Classic, Creamy

Large Black

Native Breed Rare Breed

Big & Beautiful Traditional Hogs

With its large lop ears, the Large Black is Britain's only all-black pig, well known for its ability to thrive in outdoor systems. The Large Black is classified by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as 'vulnerable' with just 200-300 breeding sows left in the UK. However, growing demand for meat produced from traditional breeds of pigs raised extensively is now encouraging more enthusiastic breeders to rear Large Blacks. Large Blacks live outside, they are natural foragers and very efficient feed converters, they adore the windfall apples from a walled garden orchard. They live longer lives than other pigs enjoying exercise and thriving in the free roaming, stress free environment provided by the beautiful countryside.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Traditional, Unctuous

Middle White

Rare Breed

Bred Purely for Pork

The Middle White is a Yorkshire heritage breed, and best described as ‘beautifully ugly.’ Its docile nature and hardiness suit it to outdoor production where it can wallow to its heart’s content. This is Britain’s only dedicated pork breed, (as opposed to bacon), and has long been renowned for the outstanding quality of its fresh, uncured meat which boasts robust, porky flavour. An endangered breed, the Middle White is on the up, as smallholders and farmers embrace this wonderful creatures quality.

Tasting Notes: Long, Buttery, Fragrant

Oxford Sandy Black

Rare Breed

Sweet Plum Pudding Porkers

With its characteristic toffee coloured coat with black spots or ‘splodges’ the Oxford Sandy Black is one of Britain’s most distinctive heritage breed pigs. They’re also known as the forest pig, for being excellent forages, digging out roots to munch on. This natural diet ensures succulent pork, with concentrated flavour. Its also a dual purpose pig, offering not only excellent bacon and ham, but also flavoursome steaks, chops, and roasting joints.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Mellow, Rich


Rare Breed

A real Heritage Breed Success Story

The Saddleback is ideal as an introduction to the quality of heritage breed pork. They are hardy fellows being good foragers amongst rough grazing, though they take much longer to mature than commercial breeds. This means well developed flavour and creamy character, and the meat is often almost nutty in character. We try and stock the Saddleback as often as possible, with it being a great all rounder, proving bacon, steaks and chops, and wonderful roasting joints.

Tasting Notes: Meaty, Nutty, Evolving

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Rare Breed

Boisterous Ginger Pigs

The hardy, boisterous Tamworth loves outdoor living, with the two most famous Tamworths, Butch and Sundance going on the run in the late nineties (if you recall). This breed doesn’t thrive in factory farming systems, so the breed has never really been intensively reared, meaning this breed’s integrity and flavour has remained preserved for centuries. With the marbling of fat through its meat and its outer layer of tasty fat, the Tamworth is renowned for its eating quality, and particularly famous for its marvelous bacon.

Tasting Notes: Dense, Aromatic, Caramel

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Yorkshire Pig

Native Breed

The World's Most Popular Pig

The Yorkshire Pig is the world’s most popular breed. They’ve been exported to all corners of the globe due to their ability to get big quick, and provide consistent pork with strong, porky flavour. When sourcing our Yorkshires, we source hogs who are Free Range, reared at a slow pace in the great outdoors. This ensures the melting succulence when cooked, and the beautiful creamy character.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Succulent, Creamy

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