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becoming a brand ambassador

We're very excited to be accepting applications for our 2021 social media ambassador programme.

New to Farmison & Co, we're on the hunt for a mix of passionate individuals to support us with our Eat Better Meat movement. Whether you're a self-taught foodie with recipes worth sharing, someone with an eye for spectacular foodography, or one with passion and a voice to comment on issues regarding everything from food trends, sustainable eating or agricultural issues.

What's in it for you? Regular care packages of our delicious produce, new product tasting, exclusive affiliate codes to share with your followers, and the opportunity to feature on our community site which sees over 300,000 visitors a month.

Ambassadors selected for the programme will have exciting opportunities to work with us on challenges, showcases, guest posts, social media takeovers and much more.

We'll be recruiting ambassadors throughout 2021 so watch this space.