Joanna Blythman - Farmison Features Editor

Joanna Blythman

Joanna Blythman is an award-winning investigative journalist, the author of five landmark books on food issues and one of the most authoritative, influential commentators on the British food chain.

Joanna has won numerous awards for her articles and books, including five prestigious Glenfiddich Awards, a Caroline Walker Media Award for Improving the Nation's Health by Means of Good Food, a Guild of Food Writers Award, a Derek Cooper Award - one of BBC Radio 4's Food and Farming Awards and a Good Housekeeping award for her Outstanding Contribution to Food.

Joanna's published titles include:

  • The Food We Eat: The Book You Cannot Afford to Ignore
  • The Food Our Children Eat: How to Get Children to Like Good Food
  • How to Avoid GM Food: Hundreds of Brands, Products and Ingredients to Avoid
  • Shopped: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets
  • Bad Food Britain: How a Nation Ruined Its Appetite

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