Iain Mellis - farmison Cheesemaster

Iain Mellis - farmison Cheesemaster

With his impeccable track record as a purveyor of true farmhouse and artisan cheese, we couldn't wish for a finer cheesemonger than Iain Mellis. Iain was a cheese maker himself for 15 years before opening his first cheese shop and restaurant supply business in Edinburgh in 1993. These days his name commands respect from chefs, consumers and cheese makers alike.

Iain seeks out authentic farmhouse cheese with a sense of place, cheese that is hand-made from the highest quality milk (often unpasteurised), using time-honoured methods. He likes to work in partnership with cheese makers, helping them to refine and perfect their techniques. In temperature-controlled cold rooms, and with the assistance of Scotland's cool, damp climate, he matures his carefully chosen portfolio of artisan cheeses, ripening up to 100 different types at any point in time. This maturation process enhances the unique characteristics of distinctive cheeses so that each one has reached its full potential when we eat it. The French would call Monsieur Mellisan 'affineur'.

"I've always been a bit of an obsessive character" says Iain "and once I'd discovered the infinite pleasures that food brings to life, there was no stopping me." Which is fine by us. We share Iain's appetite for proper hand-made cheese and we think that you will too.

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