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Our Greengrocer section is hand-picked for freshness and to showcase the best of what's in season, whether it be kitchen staples like British spuds, or rather more exotic produce, be it papaya, kumquats, or quince. You can choose your own fresh produce, while we also offer a range of Greengrocery selections to cater for your weekly needs, be it for snacks, nutritious meals, or a fruit bowl. We source from Great British suppliers where possible, or otherwise trusted international growers.

NOTE: It is recommended that all fruit and vegetables are thoroughly washed under running water before use.

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Farmison Greengrocer Boxes

  • Everyday Vegetable Box

    Ideal for small households, this selection is a great variety of everyday fresh and healthy produce.


  • Everyday Vegetable Box Large

    With a little extra in for larger households, this box is full of fresh and ready to use produce.


  • The Greengrocers Box

    Hand picked and crammed full of seasonal goodness this box is perfect for your everyday green needs.


  • The Aromatic Greengrocery Box

    A special selection of fresh aromatic herbs and vegetables to help you bring the best out of your home cooked dishes.


  • The Greengrocer's BBQ Collection

    A convenient selection of farm fresh produce to suit all your summer barbecue needs.


  • Traditional Roast Dinner Box

    These freshly picked vegetables are perfect for roasting as part of a traditional roast dinner.


  • Traditional Roast Dinner Box Large

    A larger selection of vegetables suited to roasting, and especially hand picked for seasonal quality.