Veal Fillet Steak

Prime tender veal fillet steaks.

Prime tender veal fillet steaks, and a real chef's special that can be difficult to find in its prime. These steaks are top table calibre, with real flavour and delicacy, as well as standout tenderness.

Butcher's Block:Export quality veal, boasting fantastic quality, usually being destined for top restaurants as a chef's specialty cut. However by importing direct, this prime veal is available in limited quantities to the home cook.

Chef's Tip:Serve pink, pan seared alongside a fricassee of wild mushrooms, some soft polenta and shaved Parmesan for a luxurious evening meal.

Our Tips On How To Cook Veal Fillet Steak

PLEASE NOTE ON BREEDSFrom time to time the exact breed or farm may not be available at the time of despatching your order. On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.

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