Cut: Diced Veal

Region: North Yorkshire

Matured: 10 Days

Shelf Life: 6 Days

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Diced Native Dexter Veal

A favourite for slow cooking or adding a subtle twist to beef recipes, Diced Veal is versatile and complete with the tenderness and delicate and subtle flavours which make veal so prized.

Butcher's Block:
Diced Veal is cut into cubes from choice cuts of veal, securing the characteristic colouring of the pale pink meat, and promising fine texture.

Chef's Tip:
Of restaurant quality, this veal is perfect for a warming casserole cooked alongside root vegetables and white wine, serve with buttered ribbon noodles, tarragon, and button mushrooms.



Tasting Notes:

Flavour: Gamey, dense, meaty

Our Tips On How To Cook Diced Veal

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