Our rosé veal boasts outstanding taste and texture in its own right, being rich as well as delicate and subtle in flavour. Though paler than our full-bodied beef cuts, rosé veal is characterised by the calf's feeding, and is pinker than solely milk fed veal. Veal is the key ingredient in many classic European dishes, including Milanese Osso Buco, or Wiener Schnitzel. All our veal is reared to strict welfare standards, with the calves being allowed to roam and socialise in groups. The calves are also fed on a good measure of green pasture food, which keeps them healthy and gives their meat that characteristic pink colour.

  • Steak (2)
  • Veal Fillet Steak

    A luxurious thick slice of tender, boneless veal

    From: £18.95
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  • Veal Sirloin Steak

    A thin steak of tender prime veal meat.

    From: £18.45
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  • Roasting Joints (2)
  • Sirloin Joint

    A roasting joint of the tenderest prime veal sirloin.

    From: £35.96
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  • Chateaubriand

    Cut from the fillet head, a roasting special of tender veal.

    From: £15.96
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  • Other Cuts (1)
  • Calves Liver

    A real British delicacy best fried.

    From: £8.95
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