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Thanksgiving Hamper

The tradition of Thanksgiving which is historically American and now celebrated in many other countries can be traced back almost 400 years. It symbolises expressions of gratitude for a plentiful harvest. To mark these special festivities, we have carefully selected a plentiful hamper of our finest ingredients which has everything you need to enjoy a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal at home with friends and family.Free Range Herb Fed Turkey
Specially selected for their larger proportion of succulent breast meat, these slow grown free range birds are nourished on a diet rich in fresh herbs. Feeding up to twelve, these turkeys are ideal for a large Thanksgiving gathering.Thanksgiving Hamper
To complement our flavoursome free range turkey you will find a selection of delicious vegetables in this hamper. Included are red skinned Desiree potatoes, specially chosen for their excellent boiling and mashing quality. In addition there is fresh pumpkin, perfect for traditional pie or homemade soup. There is also juicy corn on the cob, some rich green beans and creamy textured sweet potatoes, delicious steamed or made into classic pie. We have also included some fresh rosemary, sage, onion and garlic, which are hugely versatile and can be cooked with meat, vegetables or stuffing.

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