Rump Steak

A delicious cut, hung for real flavour and tenderness.

Also Known As: Rumsteak

A delicious cut, hung for real flavour and tenderness.

Typically dense and sweet and rich to taste, rump steaks are an exquisite treat and a deserving alternative to more popular steaks cuts.

Butcher's Block:
When cutting rump it is a little firmer than the fillet, but these larger steaks boast much more flavour than slightly more tender alternatives. In fact rump steaks are often labelled as sirloin steaks in the US due to the different naming conventions, so be on the look out when abroad. My rump steaks benefit from being dry aged for as long as possible to ensure intensified flavours.

Chef's Tip:
I like to serve this often undeservedly underrated steak with a classic garnish, home made chips, and grilled tomatoes.

Our Tips On How To Cook Rump Steak

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