Cut: Fillet Steak

Region: Cumbria

Matured: 28 Days

Shelf Life: 8 Days

Serves: up to 2

British Icon Native Breed Icon Free Range Icon Grass Fed Icon BBQ Icon Frozen Icon

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British Welsh Black Beef Fillet Steak

Also Known As: Filet Mignon, Tenderloin Steak, Eye Fillet

A signature cut the world over as the most prized bit of the beast, and a superb treat for those who like a thick, juicy disc of lean, utterly tender steak. Our dry aged fillet steaks boast deep flavour, as you'd expect from matured, grass fed animals that promise natural quality.

Butcher's Block:
Cut from the very end of the tenderloin, fillet steaks are not to be mistaken for tournedos which are cut from the wider section of the tenderloin, though are often passed off as fillet steaks. This is the most tender section of meat, as the muscle here bears no weight, and contains less connective tissue.

Chef's Tip:
I like to cut fillet steaks razor-thin for a rosy, raw carpaccio or I chop them small to make steak tartare. Ideally fillet steak is served rare or medium rare for ultimate eating quality.


Welsh Black

Tasting Notes:

Flavour: Buttery, indulgent, gamey

Our Tips On How To Cook Fillet Steak

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